If we weren't all consumed by Brexit

If we weren't all consumed by Brexit

we could be...

Building a better future,

and helping refugees.

Protecting the environment from Donald Trump

and growing far more trees.

Planning for AI,

By regulating I.T.

Fixing divisions in society,

caused by austerity.

Bringing hope to sink estates,

in cycles of poverty.

Taxing big business

and support creativity,

by helping entrepreneurs

provide job security.


If we weren't all consumed by Brexit

We could be...

Building houses for Millennials,

without burden of the past.

Tackling directors pay,

sailing at full mast.

Fixing public services, the NHS

education and fast.

Instead we struggle with negotiations,

looking likely we'll come last.


For now I look on at Mrs May

and think why breakaway

from several decades of union,

that is still serving us today?