Conspiracy theorists predict that the 2017 eclipse could bring about an apocalypse. Should we be more concerned by nature or ourselves at the moment?


It has been 10 years since the financial crisis began. The events of this year have been quite extraordinary, evidence and reason have been ignored and emotion has governed the response. 

In the long term sea levels are rising, erratic weather conditions continue, crops are suffering and some areas of the world will reach unliveable temperatures in the next 20 years. Environmental issues continue to be the biggest threat to mankind and yet they have slipped off the agenda. 

Trump's disregard for the Paris Climate Agreement represents a towering ego with no respect for the forces of nature. His inflammatory words to North Korea demonstrates a total disregard for diplomacy. Europe's delayed response to the refugee crisis highlighted a worrying lack of compassion. The UK's bury your head in the sand focus on vintage nostalgia and a Royal Britannia ruling the waves sound bite message have all shown a concerning diversion away from the bigger long term picture. 

The focus has been inward looking and self preservation has prevailed.

Will the eclipse next month offer fresh perspective?

It's time to wake up, leave the hangover behind, stop building walls to protect the past and start building for the future.